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2D Animation Showreel (2017)
'UKCES: Our Investment' Promotional Animation by Gemma Roberts 2014
UKCES: Our Investment (2014)
Acorns (2012)
Acorns (2012)
Gemma Roberts' 2D Character Animation Showreel 2012” vspace=
2D Animation Showreel (2012)
Acorns (2012) Trailer
Acorns (2012) Trailer
Acorns Storyboarded Animatic
Acorns Storyboard Animatic (2012)
For The Birds Animated Sequence from Growing Space (2011)
Birds Sequence from Growing Space by Kate Broadhurst (2011)
Hyacinth and Richard Bucket Try To Keep Up Appearances
Hyacinth and Richard Bucket Try to Keep up Appearances (2010)
Marilyn Montage Soundscape (2010)
Marilyn Montage Soundscape (2010)
Imaginary Friends Animatic (2010) Collaboration with Jessica Leslau
Imaginary Friends Animatic with Jessica Leslau (2010)
2D Character Performance 'Swing Dance' 2010
Swing Dance (2010)